7 Digital Media Resolutions (Minus the Buzz Words)

2012 has arrived and the internet has been inundated with social media marketing resolutions posts.*  After reading a handful, I feel like I’m suffering from a buzz word hangover.

I love my digital media colleagues, and sometimes we’re all guilty of throwing in one too many industry buzz words where just one would do. *Cough*Cough* influence, tribe, engagement, sentiment, optimization, monetization, synergy, innovative.

As a professional resolution for 2012 I have resolved to use fewer buzz words, and more plain language. With this in mind, as my first test, I’ve put together a few resolutions for those running digital public health and social marketing campaigns to consider this new year.

These resolutions address areas the non-profit world needs to master, and quickly, if we are to expect funding for digital media campaigns.

  1. Consider digital media a separate element of a campaign, requiring it’s own strategy and staff, separate from paid and earned media.
  2. Let our audience determine our digital media tactics, and not vice versa.
  3. Measure, monitor, launch, measure and monitor (repeat), evaluate (in that order).
  4. Give social media appropriate credit where it is due, and not to give “Twitter” or “Facebook” credit for the hard work of those behind the scenes.
  5. Not create an app for an audience that doesn’t use smartphones.
  6. Build in-house capabilities rather than outsource services (please).
  7. Convert social media skeptics rather than complain, “they just don’t get it.”

Throughout the year I will be posting on these topics at length, and will do my best to avoid the words “synergy” or “innovative.”

What are your professional resolutions for 2012? Did I miss a resolution? Did I list one I shouldn’t have?

*If you’re looking for a great end-of-year/new-year read, I would highly recommend Mark Schaefer’s post, Did This Blog Make A Difference.

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