Who is Leslie Lewis?

I am a social marketing and health communication digital media strategist for a large NGO in Washington, DC.  I have eight years experience in digital media, five of which have been in using digital media for public service, public health and social marketing campaigns (most recently primarily for CDC and HHS clients).

Leslie Lewis is not my real name.  For more on that, and why it shouldn’t matter, please read this post.  I am aware this is a bandaid solution.

I recently completed my MA in Health Communication and am unabashedly enjoying having my weekends and evenings back to myself.  In my now ample spare time I enjoy hiking with my dog, cooking, reading historical biographies and catching up with friends.  I’m told I’m not as boring as I sound on paper.

What is Digital Good?

In early-2011 I started to receive requests for help from others in the digital media and social marketing field.  I quickly realized that many of us in social good and social marketing lack access to digital strategy and evaluation resources available to those in the for-profit world.  The questions I regularly receive aren’t just about social media, but about digital media, the definition between the two often being confused.

Digital Good is a place where health communicators and social marketers specializing in digital media and eMarketing can meet to share ideas, resources and their good work.  I would like this to be a place where health and social marketers can share information, studies and feature their good work in social and digital media.  This blog takes its name from the song Digital Love by Daft Punk: a song I have had stuck in my head, on and off, for 10 years. The opinions expressed on this site are solely my own or those of the guest blogger, and don’t necessarily reflect those of my employer or clients.

Comments expressed on this blog belong to the commenters themselves and don’t necessarily reflect my own opinions.  I subscribe to Anil Dash’s opinion on comments and community building and will do my best to moderate the comments on Digital Good to foster and maintain a positive and collaborative environment.  For more information on the commenting, please visit the comment and privacy policy.

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