Comment & Privacy Policy

Digital Good is a place where health communicators and social marketers specializing in digital media can meet to share ideas, resources and their good work.

To ensure the atmosphere remains positive, comments will be moderated and may take a few minutes to a few hours to show up.  Anonymous commenting, disagreement and dissenting opinions are all welcome, however, mean spirited commenting is not.

Comments will be removed and you may be banned from commenting if:

  • They contain offensive, threatening or discriminatory language;
  • The comment serves only to troll, link bait or act as a SEO mole;
  • The comment reveals personal or identifying information about another user without their permission;
  • The comment contains copyrighted or plagiarized material without proper attribution;
  • The comment could be construed as bullying or harassing another user;
  • The commenter falsely assumes the identify of someone else.

Comments submitted to Digital Good become the property of Digital Good.

If you have any questions or believe a comment violates this policy and should be removed, please email me at lewisdigitalgood (at) gmail (dot) com.

Privacy Policy

Digital Good does not have material relationships with a third party organization aside from WordPress, which supports the site.  Digital Good will not sell your information or disclose information to a third party that was submitted to the blog with the expectation of privacy.  This includes email addresses, IP addresses, cookies and associated personally identifying information.  This blog uses Google Analytics to track traffic and on-site behavior, and Disqus to facilitate commenting.

WordPress’ privacy policy is available for review here, and Google’s overarching privacy policy, which also applies to Google Analytics data, can be found here.

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